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How to make money facebook in terms of game streaming

I want to clarify how to make money on Facebook in terms of Game Streaming …
(If there are game worms in the account, then the house is asking for blessing).

He will also be playing live games on Facebook.
All that is required is

  • Perseverance *
  • the Internet
  • Streaming material (if you have a phone)
  • A level up program page How do I get a level up program page?
  • Must have a Page
  • Category must be with Gaming Video Creator
  • At least four hours of game time on the page within 14 days
  • Must be at least 2 days of play within 14 days
    Must have at least 100 follower
  • He / she must be his / her country.
    Must be 30 days old
    Now, if these are the same
    Sign in and get it …
    (If the link fails, type into the browser) Once the level up program page is up
    Get Facebook support directly. High Quality Premium Transcoding for Streamers – Live 1080p (60 FPS) You can connect directly with your Fans.
    Star Donation is supported by viewers … Please note that there is no copy right that can cause the copy right If you don’t understand, you can ask …

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