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About Facebook App Ads

If you are an Application Developer you can read this …
Can’t others do it?
I got it
But you need capital, and you have to ask someone who can write
(Then explain the difference between App Ads and other ads)

How do I get money?
All have Mobile Phones
You will also see ads popping up on your phone.
Because developers like us put money through these ads …
For example:
Imagine that your software gets $ 0.01 per ad
Each person earns $ 1 per thousand
If you have 100 people, you get $ 100
If you had a thousand, you would get a thousand dollars
The more your software users earn, the more they earn
If you want to make a lot of money, you need to make your software public.

What do I need to do on Facebook App Ads ??
As a software developer, nothing is needed.
When you visit this link you will learn everything
The main thing is to write software …..
If you do not know how to do it, pay it and get paid.
He can do that from Myanmar too
Forget Facebook, you need a Play Store Developer Account …
Your application will pay for ads on the Play Store …
It costs $ 25 to buy a Play Store Developer Account
If you are an Application Developer, this is a must buy
For more information on this topic, welcome to Warmly Welcome in Chat Box …. 🥰
(One thing is, if you are not a capitalist, you need to be a good programmer: 3)

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