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Type of the Granitoid Rocks

Based on the mineralogical and chemical criteria, and in accordance with the classification of Hyndman (1985), the granitoid rocks in the study area is examined as


(1) Sphene is common as primary mineral.

(2) Magnetite and opaque minerals are present.

(3) Hornblende and biotite are dominant.

(4) The Na 20 content is more than 3.2 weight percent in felsic rocks.

(5) The SiO2 content is ranging from 53 to 77 percent.

(6) The ratio of molar content of Al 203 by (Na2O + K20 + CaO) is less than 1.1.

(7) Although tin-tungsten mineralization lacks, copper mineralization occurs.

(8) Occurrence of these granitoids in association with volcanic (andesite-dacite rhyolite association).

The above mentioned evidences suggest the I-type nature of the granitoid rocks of the study area.

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