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Let’s take a look at the four fragrances of chicken

We had to share some tips for cooking a delicious chicken cinnamon spice mix.


Chicken for 15 ounces

1 onion (stuffed)

Half a teaspoon of garlic

A piece of ginger

1 tablespoon of dill oil

Half a tablespoon of soy sauce

Half teaspoon of soy sauce

1 teaspoon of pepper powder

4 pods of red pepper (lengthwise)

Four pods of red pepper

3 beans

7 Baby Corn

4 tablespoons of cooking oil

1 tablespoon of cinnamon chicken powder

8 green leaves

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

5 tablespoons of water

How to cook

1.Slice the first chicken with the cinnamon powder and crush.

2.Put the oil on the stove and cool down with the garlic, red onion and ginger.

3.Add chicken breasts for one minute.

4.After 3 minutes, change the color of the chicken to a simmer. West Add the oil and pepper and chilli powder.

5.Finally, Baby corn; Put all the beans, chives, and red peppers. Add about 5 tablespoons of water and cover with greens.

6.After a couple of minutes of boiling, you can eat the deliciously sweet and spicy hot cinnamon rolls with hot rice.

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