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How to Make Money on Facebook

  • Instance Article
  • Instance Game
  • Level up program (Game Streaming)
  • App Ads
  • Ad Break
    There may also be things I don’t know The Instance Article is almost universal
    He makes money through advertising by sharing information and sharing …
    You get as much information as your viewers.
    You can spend as much as $ 100/200 a day on your own (not included).
    When the money is issued, the money will be automatically deposited into the bank account every 21 days.
    You need to be connected to the bank … The Instance Game is the same
    You can see it on Facebook
      What’s your future?
    As you play, you will notice ads appearing
    You can earn money from these ads
    Heard that players get a lot of money, and they earn up to $ 300 a day (I haven’t got one yet). The level up program explains this in the post App ads are for software developers …
    You may be aware that some of the software is popping up
    You get money from these ads …
    If you use your software, you will earn as much money.
    This part I’m doing right now … Ad break is to upload videos to Facebook.
    There is no copy right
    He gets paid as many views as he can
    There are some people who can earn up to $ 300 per video (so don’t get me wrong!)
    He has not yet got what he has to do in Myanmar. If you would like to know more details, please post a comment and explain
    What can i do …..

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