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Google Ads on Facebook

Google doesn’t have as many Fb titles
With Adsense for a WebsiteThere are two types of Ads for Applications called Admob.
(In the next post we will explain in more detail)

First, tell us the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Facebook Can Do It From Myanmar
Google can’t do anything …
If you want to do this, you need to have a trusted advisor abroad (now there are service providers available and you have paid for it).
  If he doesn’t get Burma, then he can’t get it. ”
Secondly, there is a difference in revenue between Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
What we do at Google is more than Facebook
There are times when they are struggling to make ends meet
Some are just doing as much as Facebook.
Another difference is that Google is more strict than Facebook
For example, Google doesn’t approve of anything that can cause Copy Right (Fb doesn’t accept that, which is worse than Google).
There are other differences as well

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