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What do I need to prepare to learn online?

Soon, schools and cosmetics companies from the space and cosmology companies, We are developing a software that can be used to educate teachers online. teacher, For teachers to set up a website for their students at the beginning of the school year and to develop their own 21st Century educational model after COVID19 is a great way to get started.

This is a green business for our nation’s education as it is a courageous and courageous work. Persevere; It is also a faith-based business. Particularly, private schools need to be well-prepared for their students’ new curriculum.

What do I need to prepare for?

To get started now, you will need to shoot videos of lessons to be taught at the beginning of the school year. Some of them have already been filmed. The main thing is how to teach these lessons via the Website (this way we will continue to have access to software after we purchase the software).

It is better to use high-tech equipment for recording training videos. teacher, You can also shoot your own Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc., with your ready-made Screenshot Video, and highlight important points with technology. You can also pair with Simulations / Animations if you can. To do this, you need to have a good script.

The second is that you can take your video or phone camera and upload your video to your website. One suggestion here is: Posting your own content to your Facebook page and posting it on your own website may not be as effective. Facebook is not a mass media (or any) media world. When people take a look at the video you shoot and comment on it, your school can see it directly and ask questions.

Another thing you can do is cut through videos that are related to technology. Scissors This is a post or a subtitle or a Myanmar subtitles and is posted on your own website. The software we are working on provides video lessons for teachers. The teacher arranges for the student to retake the assessment and to ask the student questions that they do not understand or ask questions.

The name of the software that will soon be available from space and the universe is called “EduCare”.

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